Frequently Asked Question – APEX Run

How should I train for this event?

This is an 8K run/walk. So, along with basic running, it would be good to practice trail running and jogging on various types of terrain.  You would also benefit from weightlifting and general cross training including working your abs, back, and arms.  This run will challenge your overall fitness but can be done at a pace comfortable to you.

What kind of obstacles can I expect?

Obstacles will include multiple mud pits, an army crawl, climbing over apex walls (A framed), a short swim (ropes are strung across the span to pull yourself), muddy slopes to climb, and other obstacles that are not yet confirmed.  These may include running through a paintball course (with mask included), a tire obstacle, or climbing hay bales or hay wagons.

Can I opt out of an obstacle?

Yes!  Though we encourage you try each one!  (If you opt out you will have to do 10 burpees to skip the element!)


This is not a easy run.  We encourage all runners to be 12 or older.  All youth need to attend with an adult.

How should I dress?

Wear things that you won’t mind getting muddy, snagged, or torn.  Make sure that your shoes can be secured well to your feet.   It may be cool so consider wearing layers.  Please check the weather the day of the run.  You will want to bring a change of clothes to wear after the run during the awards luncheon.

Will there be shower facilities available?

Yes!  We have a heated public restroom with 6 shower stalls available on each side.

What should I bring?

Bring your registration fee (cash, check, or credit card) if you’ve not already paid in full.  You will want to bring a change of clothes and shoes.   Please bring your own towels and toiletries if you plan to use the facilities.   If you are planning to stay for the Harvest Party (see link below) you will want to pack long pants and a covered shoe if you plan to go on a trail ride.

Will photos be taken of the event?

Yes!  Our Miracle Mountain Ranch media staff will be taking photos of the event and these will be posted on a smugmug account where you can purchase prints at your convenience.  Just check the website for the link a few days after the run to get access to the account.

What parking is available?

There is plenty of parking available at the Town Hall parking lot at Miracle Mountain Ranch.  Registration will be in this building and the run will leave within easy walking distance of the parking lot.

How many runners will there be? 

It’s hard to say until close to the run.  We are anticipating at least 100 runners but registration will remain open even on the day of the run.

Are the runners leaving in waves?

This will depend on the amount registered and will be announced on the day of the run.  Each wave necessary will leave 15 minutes apart.

Is this a timed event? 

No….and yes.  Due to the nature of mud runs (people waiting to get through the obstacles), this will not be an officially timed event, though we will have a race clock running at the finish line so you can see how long it took you to run it.  If you leave in a later wave, you will have to deduct this from the start clock.

What are the awards?

There will be door prizes awarded by random drawing but other prizes are also being discussed.  These will be announced closer to the run.

We also give APEX Dog Tags to all of the run finishers.

Will there be water stations and medical aid on the premises?

Yes.  There will be at least 3 water stops and local paramedics on the course.

Can you run as a team? 

Yes!  You will be in charge of organizing your own team, but if you wish to run as a group, we encourage you to create/wear matching outfits so you are easily identified as a group.  Please make sure to express your team to the coordinators so that they can place you all in the same wave.

Is a course map available?

We will shortly be posting a course map via a MapMyRun.  This will allow you to see the elevation of the run as well as the distances.  This map will not include obstacles.

What does my entry fee cover? 

After the expense of t-shirts and other costs, the monies will be divided between the YMCA of Corry’s scholarship program and the Miracle Mountain Ranch scholarship program to send kids to camp.

What is your cancellation policy?

In the event that you have to cancel due to illness or crisis, we can refund you $15 if you contact the main office before the day of the run.

What activities are available after the run?

Immediately following the run there will be an awards luncheon for the runners.  The meal is part of your registration.  If you have family members that will be joining us for lunch, please call the MMR office at 814-664-7673 so that we can make sure to have enough food. Donations will be accepted to cover this expense.

If you have any other questions please be sure to contact us at 814-664-7673.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are excited about having you join us for this event!  Just remember to relax and enjoy the experience and surroundings knowing that you are making memories and helping to benefit those less fortunate as you run!

Thank you for your interest!