Planned Obstacles


  1. The Drop- Rope descent down into a creek bed
  2. The Sneaker Eater- A natural bog with an appetite
  3. Pig Roaster- Dark underground crawl
  4. Spider Web – Rope maze that you weave through
  5. Tire Flip – Tractor and truck tires
  6. Sluice Pipe Crawl- Slide into a bog
  7. Paintball Run – Wooded area
  8. Britches Burner – Natural, steep, loose rock
  9. Creek Crawl – Natural, wet, cold
  10. Bear Climb- Natural, steep, calves on fire
  11. Apex Wall – Climb over an angled wall w/ ropes to assist
  12. Log Haul – Pick up a log and run it around to a designated spot
  13. Knee Deep- Water run
  14. Monkey Bars- Inclined climb
  15. Pond – Natural, wet, cold
  16. Hydrant – Wet, cold
  17. Orchard Bog – Natural, muddy, stinky
  18. Log Landing Bog – Natural, muddy, stinky

*Obstacles are subject to change.